RJAE - "Her Favorite Jhene Aiko Song"

Written on 05/15/2023
Natalee Gilbert

RJAE's "Her Favorite Jhene Aiko Song" serves as an emotional outlet for the NOLA wordsmith to reflect on a breakup. Cutting to the chase over a dark, pulsating R&B cut, RJAE exposes his lover for being unfaithful. He follows with lyrics illustrating how this betrayal has affected him, saying, "Somethings won't change/But they do/Wish I could take back all that d*** I gave to you/Still getting used to this pain." 


The rest of "Her Favorite Jhene Aiko Song" finds RJAE fighting between letting go or holding onto what they have. On one end, the versatile musician believes they'll work through their issues. Yet, on the other, he's aware that "somethings we just can't get back." Other themes in this sentimental record touch on his come-up and riches. 

Lines like "does anybody have any objections/Oh I do, how you gonna love on a n***a like him/you don't know what love is" exemplify the song's truer meaning. 


 "Her Favorite Jhene Aiko Song" showcases the feelings that arise with getting your heart broken into a million pieces. 


​Listen to the song below: