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09_9 - "Try Again (09_9 Remix) feat. Jack Johnson"

Written on 04/02/2023
Natalee Gilbert

09_9 has a go at interpolating P'ierre Bournes' "Try Again" with his latest single. Instead of keeping the beat at a slower pace like the original record, 09_9 switches things up by upping the pitch of P'ierre Bourne's delivery and accelerating the rhythm. His take on "Try Again" is encapsulated with a line of hyper pop elements and video game-styled synths at a hit of the drum. After this, piano loops and space trap arrangements emerge, making the listen even more enticing. 


Before the soundscape hits its three-minute mark, a sonic beam riding effortlessly with the tempo can be heard. "Try Again" is a reflective offering that finds P'ierre giving the uninspired an ounce of hope and speaking on how he found light within the darkness. 

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