MAXUR - "Perfume"

Written on 03/01/2023
Natalee Gilbert

MAXUR's "Perfume" is about parting ways and then regretting it in the long run. The beat blends R&B with lofi and alternative pop. Similarly, the single directs attention to his full-toned vocal range. 

"Perfume" begins with the singer lamenting the breakup he's recently gone through. After their once-special song blares through the speakers, MAXUR recalls their memories together,

"Midnight Rain, Call it what you want, take me back to 89/One Direction, Midnight Memories when I had your lips on mine," he sings. 

He then unveils that this breakup has negatively affected him. But, the artist owns up to his mistake instead of blaming his ex. Following this, MAXUR explains why he ended things to begin with, saying, 

"I knew that you loved me/It scared me, so I lied (no I don't l don't, you got it all wrong)/Said I'd be better/Alone then by your side (wake up all alone and it's cold outside)." 

Although MAXUR wants to get back together, his ex has moved on for good. The artist attempts to let go by blocking her on social media and plastering a fake smile on his face. Given this circumstance, MAXUR wonders if he can honestly give someone his whole heart. 

"Feeling judged, Emotionly unplugged, My past has got a hold on me," he admits. 

"Perfume" resonates with the ones who want that old thing back. It's a song off his 5-track EP, i used to believe in fairytales. ​​ 

MAXUR sat down with me and answered a few questions about "Perfume" and his artistry. Read below: 

What is the creative concept behind your song?

"Perfume" in particular, was one that I wanted to have fun with. It stems from the similar idea of Taylor Swift"s "Anti-Hero". I've experienced heartbreak, but sometimes, it has been my fault because of a lack of commitment and fear. The EP is so heavy and melancholic that I wanted to present that message but in a lighter way. The first verse is just really playful with Taylor Swift references and one shoutout to a One Direction album. 

How does this song differ from your previous work?

My first single was very deep and emotional, while my second was more uplifting with its EDM inspirations. I think Perfume falls in between, blending elements of both songs. Probably the most “pop” song on the EP with R&B influence as well. It’s also the first song that I made with a bridge per my roommate's request.

Favorite one-liner:

My favorite line is in the bridge. “Feeling Judged, Emotionally unplugged, my past has got a hold of me” This one line captures the entire meaning of the track which I’m just now realizing.

Is there a visual in store for this record?

For this record no, but there are sure to be some visuals for some future projects.

What kind of 'sound', production-wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio for this record?

One of my favorite artists is Aj Mitchell. He’s a newer artist but I’m such a fan of creators that i’m discovering through social media. I played a couple of his songs for Noah who produced my EP and “Down in Flames” by Aj sort of set a flame of inspiration for us.

What do you hope fans take from this song & your new project?

Love is scary and sucks sometimes but it’s all a learning experience. Through relationships we grow and learn about ourselves. Overall, fairytales are overrated and it’s okay to reflect on the past but don’t live in it.

What should we expect next?

I’ve been doing a lot of writing and want to have more fun. My EP is sad and I want to move away from that a bit and explore more themes. I have some fun ideas and a new single already in the works.

Listen below: