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Ladibree Effortlessly Glides On Any Beat At Her Disposal

Written on 08/24/2021
Natalee Gilbert

Ladibree possesses a soulful aura both on and offstage. Her musical styling takes admiration from soul, R&B, and hip-hop. Moreover, the femcee showcases a strong suit of versatility as she dabbles in singing and rapping. From a lyrical POV, she drops influential messages, acknowledges her blessings, and encourages others to pursue their goals/dreams. Not to mention, her hustle is apparent in each track. 


No matter the dilemma, Ladibree overcomes it with grace. She expresses herself in energetic and very sophisticated flows. Given these points, the rapstress is bound to take the music scene by storm! She's truly a natural spitter and will soon join the greats on Billboard charts worldwide. In her words, "Whatever your vibe is, I got something for you."


Talking to Ladibree left me feeling inspired. In our first encounter, her kindred spirit gleamed without delay. 


The artist, producer, songwriter, and performer's journey started with dancing at three years old. She went on to continue dancing for ten years. After stepping foot onstage for the first time, she was hooked! As time passed, she went to summer camp. 


During her stay, she and other students would have rap battles at the lunch table. Then, shortly after recognizing her talent, a counselor took her under their wing, teaching her to put the words together. One summer, she even did a rendition to the "Last Day Of Summer Camp" song. 


Later on in life, Ladibree played basketball. Recently, she graduated from college. Now, she's back home and honing in her craft.

Before her performance, the rap wiz likes to walk to a corner of the space she's in, zone out to her music, and pray. The song Ladibree was most excited to perform was "B.A.M (Buss A Move)," which, in her words, encompass a West Coast bounce. The musician depicts her sound as energetic but smooth. And if you give her an earful, you'll hear just that. She's influenced by old-school R&B and hip-hop, listing Biggie and Tupac as her top two. 


One song that she resonates with is "Pop Shit."


This track is special because it describes her confidence and the kind of confidence she'd like others to have. After all, any progress is good progress. 


She adds, "Even though people are fake, it shouldn't stop you from having your way. If you're doing the damn thing, pop shit."

Her advice for upcoming musicians is to spend time figuring out what it is they like. Also, she stresses that consistency is key. Moving forward, expect Ladibree to drop a project. 


Listen to Ladibree's discography below: