Siyo.J - "in the clouds"

Written on 05/25/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Siyo.J's "in the clouds" is about keeping your head above water. Layered with plush pop elements and a summery guitar loop, Siyo.J opts to see the brighter side of what could be a blossoming relationship. His savory vocal range is guided by an open heart and vulnerability. As Siyo.J admits that he'd "walk for miles to make you stay," he navigates the depths of uncertainty to see where they stand. The Washington-based artist then admits why he's in awe of his amore. "Your lovely smile, your perfect face," he sings mid-chorus. Alongside this, Siyo. J also unveils, "I'll tell you everything/Loving on your body/Got me going fucking crazy." 


In the feel-good single, the singer-songwriter illustrates that she's got him on Cloud 9. On the other hand, his lover hasn't clarified how she feels. Siyo.J perplexedly delivers, "Drink me some liquor/Give me some closure/Give me a second to appreciate/I fell asleep at 6 o'clock/You set your time to walk away," and "Baby won't you tell me/That you love me?"

Overall, "in the clouds" is about weathering the storms ahead with or without your person nearby. Like J. Cole said once, "It always rains hardest on people who deserve the sun." 



Listen to "in the clouds" by Siyo.J below: