Nicholas - "Small"

Written on 05/23/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Blending sweet variations of Afrobeat, jazz, and R&B, Nicholas' "Small" is about yearning for that person who feels like home. After abruptly colliding with a car during a bike ride, Nicholas' ex comes to mind. He then fights between his innermost thoughts, saying, "I don't want to let you make me feel small/I don't want to give you all the control/But I don't have anyone else I can call right now."

The lyrical depth in "Small" details the moment Nicholas gets hit and thanks his lucky stars. In "Small," he also fights with being vulnerable with his former flame and reigniting that chemistry. Similarly, the sonically appeasing musician talks about moving past the pain. 


His soulful range permeates the sorrow he's felt since they parted ways,

"I don't want to give up if it's true love (True love!)/But I think that I've been hurt enough (Enough!)," he sings. "Can it ever be the way that it was?/(All I know is that I, all I know, all I know is that I loved you and that I miss you, and now I'm crying in the middle of East Village)."


In "Small," this life-altering moment pushes Nicholas to take every moment as it comes. Despite his attempts to move on, it "feels impossible to fill the space you left."


 As a whole, Nicholas' song teaches us to live life with no regrets and to follow the truer meaning of carpe diem. The song comes right after Nicholas' other hit single, "Taj Mahal.

Listen to "Small" by Nicholas below: