Panasi - "Girl."

Written on 04/09/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Panasi lays it all on the line for the one he loves in "Girl." Amidst blending an acoustic guitar with his mesmerizing vocals and honest rhymes, the artist wonders if he and this person will ever become something more. Panasi's questions are met with a mixed decision to move on. The alternative R&B offering permits Panasi to be his most vulnerable self. 


"You're amazing/But I won't end up chasing/No more," he sings. "You're too vacant/And I don't know if I can take it." 


From there, Panasi confronts his situationship about the mixed signals they're giving off. Despite keeping her at a distance, the artist couldn't help but want her near. Currently, he's struggling with keeping her as a memory because, in reality, she's the one.  


"You was on my mind I was alone/But I got you out, but I got you out/But I decided to run right back in," he sings. "Run right back to you my mind is a circus/I don't know why I decided to surface/Dreaming of relationships just for the trip/Astral projecting my thoughts are collecting." 



As the song continues, he expresses that he's closing this chapter for good. Longing for a new narrative, Panasi believes their departure will only be for the best. Her mind games are only messing with his head. 

"Your timing is up, you blinding me such/Faking me twice, dice roll for christ sake/You plaguing my mental like I had enough/You empty as fuck," he raps. "Why you keep acting like you had rough/When you keep acting like you wanted more/I know you said that to feed on me more/I hope the best for you/But I'm done with you girl." 


In closing, "Girl." assists the hopeless romantics torn between staying or leaving.