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Trill Manny - "IN MY HEAD"

Written on 04/07/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Trill Manny looks to rekindle the flame of passion with his better half in "IN MY HEAD." Providing candid lyrics over a melancholic R&B beat, the singer thinks about the words they've exchanged. As he unveils that he doesn't want to lose her, Trill Manny explains why she's the only one who's caught his eye. 


"I won't fold /Cause I need you by my side/Done with these old hoes/Cause I know they won't just ride," he delivers.


As the song continues, he affirms their bond could never be broken, for she is his 4lifer. Trill Manny's smooth register voices a longing to be her lover until the end of time. 


By the second verse, he vows to be loyal to her. Trill Manny also advises her to block out the irrelevant comments made by others because they aren't in the relationship. Out of all the fish in the sea, she's the only one he wants to reel in. 


"Niggas talking shit you know we pop em/Cause I know we different, yea we different baby," he sings. "Not giving no love to no other lady/No one no one no one/Adele said your my only someone/You the main one I'm missing/Fuck these shorties yea fuck all these women."