Donnel Johnson: Creator of ILL THINKERS AWARD, Director, A&R, & Podcaster

Written on 04/04/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Donnel Johnson has an eye for talent. Giving all creatives their rightful props with the Ill Thinkers Award, the multi-faceted music figure works effortlessly to put others on game. The New York-based business mogul also has his own podcast that highlights emerging acts, current events, and more! One avid listener said about the podcast, 


"You been doing this for years before a lot of celebrities and radio hosts. Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve! Hard work and humbleness are paying off." 


Given this information, you can't deny that Donnel Johnson is creating his own movement. By spotlighting these innovative beings, he gains a massive fanbase and, in turn, gets his well-deserved flowers. 


He also is a stellar director who enjoys capturing noteworthy moments. 


Music found Donnel Johnson at a young age. His mother always jammed to the latest house, club, and hip-hop records, primarily Notorious B.I.G. After entering college, he was immersed into the real root of rap and took off from there. 


Currently, he's pushing his positive theme song. It features several heavy hitters and is meant to lift you up. One of Donnel's favorite lines is "Yes sir, and everybody's favorite for the culture." It's inspired by the '80s and '90s.


In the following months, expect to see Donnel's award-winning short film that draws from HBO's series RAPSHIT. He oversaw both the casting and directing of the future installment. There'll also be a new Ill Thinkers Award. 


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