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Detzany - "Parasite"

Written on 03/31/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Detzany hopes that a loved one's absence stops making her heart grow fonder in "Parasite." Over the tickled drum loop and warm piano number, the songstress admits that she "tries to avoid thoughts related to them." However, the memories continue to linger, making it hard for Detzany to move forward. Her breathtaking register and outpour of passion move listeners to hang onto her every word. 


Things, in her opinion, ended too soon. She ruminates about the past and longs to hold on a little tighter. The singer concludes that they're preying on her membrane, "You're like a parasite running through my mind/All night," Detzany delivers. 

By the second verse, she yearns to still have them in her everyday life. Detzany correlates the feeling to "pulling their thread." No matter how tight her grip is, it gets loose. She begins to wonder if this prolonged feeling means they'll find their way to one another or have to face the sad reality that they're gone forever. "Is this a sign or just a lie?" she sings. Instead of pretending things are okay, the singer admits to going "through the cycles pretending to be fine." The somber R&B beat casts the waves that come with grief. Detzany recites a beautiful montage in Spanish, ending "Parasite" on a bittersweet note. 


All-in-all, "Parasite" mirrors the feeling of missing someone who is no longer there. Her sentiment and vulnerability inspire others to be open about how they've been dealing with a certain loss. 

Listen to "Parasite" by Detzany below: