Written on 03/25/2023
Natalee Gilbert

In "NO MANZ," MIDNIGHT MXNTE lets it known that he's a lone wolf. 


Between the warped trap beat, heavy bass, and autotune that makes a big entrance, the musician says having a pack is the least of his worries. He's moreso focused on "counting band over band." As he details situations that involved fake love and disloyalty, the rapper vows to never go through the same cycle again. He calls out the ones who turned their back on him. MIDNIGHT MXTE also admits some of his own doings, spitting,


"Spoke on my name I gave you all that sh*t and that sh*t crazy/Used to post up at my auntie house when I was just a baby/Stole that Naruto from cuz and then they sent him to the navy/Three hundred thousand dollar bond for lil cuz/Damn he probably hate me." 

As the song continues, he contemplates commemorating some relatives that passed away. After this, he reflects on the hasty decisions made by some of his friends. Unfortunately, their choices ended up causing a lot of harm. MIDNIGHT MXTE also reaffirms why he's truly goated. Before coming to a close, "NO MANZ" finds the hard-hitting lyricist apologizing for his part in a breakup. 


"I know I'm the hardest in this Green Bay sh*t/But I'm just overlooked/I'm snapping off/I'm f*cking up/I hope you know you got my trust," he raps.

MIDNIGHT MXTE continues, "All that sh*t I say to hurt you/I'm just tryna make a fuss and tell the truth I don't deserve you/I'm just tryna make it up." 


I was able to learn more about MIDNIGHT MXTE's artistry and creative process. Read below:


How does your new work differ from your previous work?

My new work differs from my previous work because it contains more melody & vibe than my previous lyrical, monotone work.
Three things you need while in the studio:
Three things I need in the studio are peace, quiet, and a bottle of water.
What kind of 'sound', production-wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?
The sound production wise I keep in mind is dark, eerie, ambient, sounds that focus more on mood than what I’m actually saying.
What do you hope people take from it?
What I hope people take from my music is live your life find something/someone you love and focus on yourself because everything else is out of your control including what or whoever you choose to love.
What or who inspired the theme?
Emotion inspires my theme, not many people stop to look around & appreciate what or who they have including myself. I’ve been inspired by many artists musically and aesthetically, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Destroy Lonely and Trippie Redd, especially but what really inspires my work is the ability to adapt.
Explain your creative process:
My creative process is simple, I’ve been freestyling all of my music for a little over a year now. I load up a beat and express how I feel in the moment.
If you had one message to give your fans what would it be?
One message I’d give my supporters is find a purpose, stick to it, invest in it, build on it brick by brick, despite doubters, self doubt, haters and people who have nothing else to do accept follow and attack your progress.
What other work do you have in store? 
I dropped my single “ALL 10” on March 24th 2023 @ midnight (12AM) on all platforms and it will increase my uphill momentum ten fold.