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Justin Henry - 'Tales Of A Rebel!'

Written on 03/20/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Justin Henry's Tales Of A Rebel! is an outpour of strong-willed lyricism and versatile flows. The project truly confirms the many talents and unwavering focus he possesses. 


Classified as a PhD student of music, Justin Henry takes a page from his membrane and tells resonating stories about love, loss, and perseverance. As he makes sense of all the blurred lines, the MC starts to see things clearer. In an instant, he exposes society for what it along with fake individuals. By staying in his own lane, the well-versed rapper excels straight to victory. Other records on Tales Of A Rebel highlight his thought process and his fighting spirit during these events. In short, the rapper says he'll continue "choking the devil tryna block me from heaven" via "Can't Save The World."


The project is backed by R&B, soulful, boom-bap, jazzy, and trap production. Similarly, video games, intergalactic and ambient arrangements also play a part in the beat construction. Tales Of A Rebel! is a great collection of records that'll make you feel liberated and inspired to seize the day. Moreover, it'll give listeners an ounce of hope when nothing seems possible to achieve. 

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