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CARRO & KIZZY Kobain - "Soft Love"

Written on 03/11/2023
Natalee Gilbert

CARRO and Kizzy Cobain's new single embodies the more vulnerable side of love. Smooth cruising on the breezy afrobeat, the two singers try to work out their differences. The woman in question seems to be pulling away, but CARRO lets it be known that he needs her close.

Often puzzled by her hot-and-cold behavior, he sings, "Your body dey make my heart stop/If your love wan arrest me girl I go give it handcuff/Girl you make me scratch my head/like I get e Dandruff/So wassup,shey you want/Make I pull up, give you love.


KIZZY Cobain speaks from the ladies' POV, saying she knows their love is a one-in-a-million. She also understands how quick she was to throw in the towel but ultimately says what's done is done.

"Give you love/That's the closest thing to the sun/And I know, I know that I tried to run when it's over/Its said and done."


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