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Meet Casey: The Come Up Experience & Empire Global Consultants

Written on 02/27/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Casey works day in, day out to provide an artistically-thriving space for musicians on The Come Up Experience to levitate. Not only do they garner a new fanbase, but these artists also get opportunities to show off what they've got. Casey's desire to provide a platform for her gifted peers and the unfortunate passing of one of her friends, ignited the fire that would combust every showcase in the Tri-State. The Come Up Experience gives both upcoming and established musicians a shot at performing on a major stage. It also opens the door for further possibilities to take their career to the next level. 


"It just put a fire into me wanting to create it as soon as possible before we lost any more people that I knew deserved a better life," the trailblazer said. 

At first, Casey and her friend were conducting comedy shows. But, the entrepreneur's heart wasn't into it. Instead, she longed for an area dedicated to shedding some spotlight on emerging acts. So, after coming to a resolution about how to merge her love for aiding others and music, the multi-talented woman started hosting shows in strip clubs with some of the hottest DJs like  Bobby Trends, Envy, Booth, Will, Scenario, and even Young Child. As a result, these musicians were getting the proper recognition they deserved. After executing her first goal, however, Casey sought to accomplish more. And so, she worked meticulously to have The Come Up be more than a music event. Now, The Come Up is a hub for new fans to learn more about the artists with a resonating tune. 


Casey picks the talent by keeping an ear to the streets and through word of mouth. Then, after her team co-signs the musician, she'll do whatever it takes to ensure they get their respective flowers, whether through her company, Empire Global Consultants, or other helpful resources. 


"I realized that a lot of these artists needed my network, my assistance, and just different things that they didn't have. So some of them will have a following, and then there's one with great talent and a good network but doesn't have a following," she continued. "I realized that every artist just needed a little bit here and there, and if I can cross-connect my network with them, that would help them out." 

How does she stay motivated, you ask? By just taking life for what it is. She also credits never losing sight of her vision as a big factor in her success.


"I realize that we are not enjoying our experiences in life. What we are doing is anticipating every day on success, money, on so many things that we're working hard for, that we never sit back and enjoy the moments we're experiencing," she says. "So, right now, I'm just waking up every day, being thankful, and enjoying it. I'm literally in love with life at this moment in time. I think that's really what is aligning everything at this point." 


She continues, "Whenever you feel like it's right, even though everybody else feels like it's wrong, sometimes you have got to go for it." 


The most important factor in entrepreurialship, according to Casey, is having good intentions, 


'I'm telling you, it goes so far. So, that's really what I really wanted to say. Because once you have good intentions with things, everything starts to make sense to you, and then you can go from there with business," she adds. 


More recently, Casey released a series of interviews, including one with Journey Montana. She also hosted an award show with Mama Smoke in attendance. An aspiring musician from the Shoot for the Stars Foundation also rocked the stage. "This year, I reached out to several platforms known for supporting independent artists and had them either come to introduce an award or just come out. I gave them special NFT invites, just thanking them for everything they do for upcoming artists because they also deserve their flowers," she said. 


Her advice to other aspiring business leaders is to "Make sure your why is really big." Casey continues, "Make sure you know that real why because that's what will set you apart from all the entrepreneurs that have failed at building a business. That why is really what's going to set you to that place." 


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