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Serene - "Distance"

Written on 02/22/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Serene is conflicted between having a sometimesy lover near or keeping them at a "Distance" in her newest record. 


The acoustic guitar welcomes Serene's raw lyrics and soulful range. On "Distance," the singer reminisces on bittersweet moments she shared with her ex. But, even if she was looking to bring the spark back, Serene knows that their connection has fizzled out. 


"Stuck in the good times/I'm reliving the past/But replaying the bad times/Reminds me why things did not last," she sings. 

Deeper into the dark-toned R&B cut, the musician elaborates on how this scenario has her at wit's end. Her longing for them has her wondering if she's downplaying her value. Serene admits that this person always crosses her mind. No matter how hard she tries to shut these thoughts out, nothing helps. 


She delivers, "Even if I wanted to/My conscience still/Thinks me and you."


Her loved ones insist that time will heal all, but Serene believes this advice doesn't hold weight in the present. Instead, she hopes that the unwarranted advice will end soon. In time, she knows the right decision will appear. 

"So why don't you let me take my damn time/Wading in muddy water," she sings. "I'm waiting on some clarity/'Cause I just want to see/What was meant for me."


"Distance" is that record to lean onto when trying to move forward and heal from emotional wounds. Moreso during the "bargaining" stage in a break-up. It comes on the heels of her latest offering, "I Will Not Close My Eyes."  


Listen below: