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Shane Garcia - "Evil Twin"

Written on 02/19/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Shane Garcia battles it out with her ego and self in "Evil Twin." As she delivers emotional-gripping lyrics with a soft vocal range, the singer-songwriter confesses that she loses a bit of herself to vices. 


Similarly, Garcia drowns her troubles with temporary distractions. She looks for a resolution so that her "Evil Twin" can disappear. After another reckless night, the songstress pleads, "Please God/Next time just give me a warning/Quick before I leave my body."


The musician also elaborates on the clouded judgment she possesses once this doppelganger takes over. "And I don't know/What happens to my soul/'Cause then my shadow takes over, and I barely know who I am," she sings. 

Regardless of who takes over for the night, Shane Garcia faces the consequences of this entity's actions. "Puke on the carpet it wasn't me/She came home and trashed my apartment and fled the scene at sunrise."


"Evil Twin" is undoubtedly an alternative pop offering that's fit for those battling demons. 


Listen to the record below: