Collier Doak - "PINK PUNK"

Written on 02/16/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Collier Doak's "Pink Punk" is about living life on the edge. The record comes in strong with electric guitar loops before transitioning to a more punk rock meets alternative rap vibe.  


"Pink Punk" sees Collier Doak encouraging others to stop wasting their time by scrolling aimlessly on their cellphones. Instead, he advises them to practice being present. Rather than let the judgment get to him, Collier Doak lives carefree. Because he created his own destiny, the versatile artist has "copped a claim to fame." 


Using a sophisticated flow, the MC spits,

"Why you on a screen/Baby maybe get ya head set straight/I don't wanna talk 'cause I'm takin' off the runway/Looking at the clock touch down with the fungshue." 

As the drums emerge, he also informs others that nothing can faze him. They may have sour moods, but Collier Doak's reality is sweet. 


"So pick your poison I'm ignoring/Catch em casting a spell/I make em hide ten times/Never going to jail/I pull a gun let em run/I've been posting my bail," he raps. 

Further in the verse, he delivers these bars as well "Know that you can't stand me/I'm radically classy/Eyes lookin glassy/None can pass me." 


As "Pink Punk" continues, Collier Doak reminds us why it's better to take everything at face value, whether good or bad. Hence the phrase, "c'est la vie." Subsequently, he switches the flow up and drops some lines about the results of hard work.

He declares, "The kid who slept through physics poppin' gum and printin' lyrics made a name put on a clinic/Here's my ass/You can kiss it." Overall, this magnificent record highlights how far one can go just by staying true to who they are. 


Read the Q&A on "Pink Punk" and more below:

What is the creative concept behind your song? 

The creative concept behind this song was to create something that feels like a new genre. A mix of punk guitar and rap vocals. It’s super forward and capturing and that’s what we wanted

How does this song differ from your previous work? 

This song is a live instrument rap/punk song, it’s extremely simple and easy to figure out yet very unique. The vocals and aggression are also different from any of my other music.

Favorite one-liner:

I’m on the fast track to the highway to hell.​

Is there a visual in store for this record?

There are a ton of visual aids in various places. Tik toks, insta vids and a live performance vid on YouTube 

What kind of 'sound', production-wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio for this record? 

Something in your face yet catchy. It’s very attention grabbing and that is exactly what we wanted and knew would happen once I got that first progression 

What do you hope fans take from this song?

To live freely, not give a shit about what other say, think, and feel. The whole idea is to seize the day.

What should we expect next? 

Expect more rock/hiphop blended music like this. But also be open to new sounds and styles!