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Arionne - "Hope"

Written on 02/14/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Arionne's "Hope" fights back the sense of doubt others had about him making it. As he spits with passion, the elite lyricist reflects on his rise to fame. 


"They used to take me for jokes/Now this shit murder she wrote," he raps. 


Over the smooth R&B beat, the musician acknowledges his success, alluding to others finally giving him recognition. However, he believes these individuals should've supported him from the get-go. If someone isn't contributing anything positive to his life, he'll "cut bonds now/I'm better off." The artist ultimately knows who is there for him and who isn't. 

Despite not having much encouragement, he knew his hard work would pay off one day. So he vows to go hard for himself and his loved ones so they can live a more comfortable life. 


"They never thought that we could( good )/They never saw what we saw/Told momma we'd be good ( good ) I'm making good on my promise ( promise )/Treat all my niggas like blood/Even though I was adopted." 


He finishes this verse with some not-so-nice words for his opps. 


As "Hope" progresses, Arionne thinks back to the beginning stages of his artistry. Initially, he'd worry about his music resonating with a certain audience. But now, Arionne unapologetically makes records that truly let his authentic sound shine.  


"Used to ask how I sound ( how this sounding )/Used to care about too much/Used to care but not now

( I found it )," he raps. "Used to miss my turn too much/So a nigga had to reroute."

Before the song ends, he highlights his optimistic approach toward things that are meant to bring him down. Eventually, the artist broke through victorious after losing a few battles. 


He delivers, "Knock me down I'll just stand up/Momma raising 5 soldiers / All on one shoulder / Think it's time I man up /Think it's time a nigga-/I was just down n out then I got shit figured out." 


Arionne's latest song comes after his 5 track EP, Hope Your Still Doing Ok. 


Listen to "Hope" below: