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Zane Penny - "Survivor's Guilt"

Written on 02/03/2023
Natalee Gilbert

Zane Penny wonders where he and a special someone stands in his newest alternative folk/rock single, "Survivor's Guilt." The song is perfect for others looking for more answers than questions about a particular connection. It also helps that "Survivor's Guilt" communicates a sense of frustration and deep regret when a relationship can't be salvaged. 


Backed by an acoustic guitar, the musician uses a passionate range to weigh the possible outcomes of their breakup. Penny goes on to allude that "losing that spark" was inevitable.

He sings, 

"I braced for impact and you just sat there watchin'/I guess one of us had it coming/cause neither of us went running." 


Kicking off the second verse is Zane's theories on where it all went downhill. He follows up with lyrics echoing self-accountability and a willingness to make things right again. The singer suggests that his lover has changed before asking for one more chance. 


"So many things that I've put you through/I think you've finally given up," he sings. "You're the person I've waited for/you're the person that I trust/You're the person I'd stop a bullet for/Can you give me one more month?"


With a certainty that tomorrow isn't always promised, Zane Penny urges his sweetheart to focus on the present. A response to his lingering question determines their fate, "Are we doing this or what?


Listen to "Survivor's Guilt" by Zane Penny below: