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Mikki Ma'at Supports Our Wounded Society With Her Zen Musical Styling

Written on 10/04/2021
Natalee Gilbert

Mikki Ma'at perfectly architects a peaceful environment through her ethereal-esque vocals. However, it's tough to pinpoint Ma'at's sound as it comprises elements from all genres. Listening to Ma'at will take you away. Her lyrics are raw, vivid, and packed with positivity. Overall, the singer's primary goal is to uplift humanity to a higher plane of existence through frequencies of love. She diminishes past worries with healing components in her musical styling. 


Her love for music ascended after flipping through various records and cassette tapes. She listened to artists like The Fugees, The Beatles, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. 'Till this day, the singer tunes into a myriad of sounds. 

At the event, she was excited to perform "Ship." But, before hopping on stage, Ma'at tells herself that she can do it. Currently, the singer is pushing her project Air. A song she resonates with is "Mama," which serves as a tribute to her mother. "Mama" is a tune she uses to connect with her mother's spirit. 


When she's in the studio, Ma'at needs to surround herself with others who connect with her. She recommends listening to two songs en route: "Reality" or "Air I Breathe."


She leaves aspiring artists with this word of advice:

"Don't ever stop. Keep going until it works."


Listen to Mikki Ma'at's discography below: