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Chay-Chay "2021"

Written on 09/19/2021
Natalee Gilbert

Chay-Chay taps into a soft register when speaking about blocking out hate thrown her way. At the beginning of “2021,” she talks about always keeping it 100. Then, she opens up about those who didn’t believe in her musical journey. Despite the naysayer’s opinions, she brushed it off and kept going.


I was low but I had to move to the top,” she sings. “Held my head up high/Never gonna stop.


Since birth, she’s been fly and actively working. Instead of focusing on others, she channels that energy into herself. What’s important in this current time is her future.


The opps only sneer at her because they’re secretly invested in her career.


She sings,

Haters are a fan of me/I’m feeling myself constantly.”

Chay-Chay credits her mom for pushing her to excel.


She says this crucial line also, “Some people are just who they are/Wait and see wait and see who Chay-Chay came to be.


All-in-all 2021 is hers for the taking. She recites lyrics about taking the bad with the good. Also, Chay-Chay declares that no one can tear her down. No matter what, she’s going to elevate and stay true to herself.


Watch the music video for “2021” below: