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Elzzz Makes Creating Diverse Forms Of Art Look Easy

Written on 08/31/2021
Natalee Gilbert

Elzzz comprises the truer qualities of a versatile musician. 


Within his complex music style, the multi-hyphenate artist speaks about his determination, the pain he's endured, his upbringing, and the highs/lows in a relationship. Moreover, the lyrical content is transparent, honest, and heartfelt. His melodic and confident flows only emphasize the star quality he effortlessly carries. In other words, Elzzz is a natural when it comes to creating music that's both engaging, moving, and relatable. He crosses between melodic and cut-throat flows. 


His sound dives into various sorts like moody R&B and energetic hip-hop. 


"My music is something to bop your head to," he adds.

If his sound isn't convincing enough, take a look at his art. To summarize, his beautiful display of work is abstract and colorful. 

Elzzz has been creating art since he was young. He's always had a deep love for it. Though the artist has only been in the music scene for two years, he's already making noise. 

Being that The Come Up "Experience" was his first show, he was excited. Before hopping onstage, he made sure to have a strong stage presence. He was amped to perform his smash hit, "No Come Back." 

When penning his bangers, Elzzz feeds off different flows. He also turns to Californian musicians for inspiration, along with Bryson Tiller. In turn, he constructs a sound that's his and his alone. One track Elzzz resonates with is a breakup song he created called "Forgive Me."

His advice to aspiring musicians is to keep going. 

Currently, he's adding the finishing touches to his upcoming album. To stay posted, follow him on Instagram. 

Listen to Elzzz's discography below: