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Written on 08/29/2021
natalee gilbert

Qui the Last Word fosters both personal and artistic growth in his music. At the core of his lyricism, he speaks about his unwavering work ethic, all while pushing others to elevate. Moreover, Qui the Last Word speaks on his progression and upbringing. Like one of his songs suggests, he’s on the go. Qui the Last Word is not stopping for anything or anyone. His primary focus is on getting a bag.  

His EP, Foundation Collection 2, depicts the rapper’s ambition. Within the three tracks, he reflects on his come-up and abundance of cash. To add, the “Fighting Chance” spitter vocalizes what’s important to him and how having a fighting spirit will get one far. Sometimes, you have to take the bad with the good. The instrumentals are rooted in trap. However, “Fighting Chance” gives off a 2000’s Lil Wayne-esque musical style. Not to mention, each song comes with a catchy hook. One standout record is “Investment.”

“Investment” is a dark trap offering that sees Qui the Last Word thinking back to when he had to grind to gain financial freedom. Throughout the song, he speaks about the process he went through to become wealthy. At most, Qui the Last Word says the money mindstate has been embedded in him since birth. One notable line goes, “I wanted bigger, I wanted more/Now I got more product than a corner store.”

Listen to his project below: