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The Come Up "Experience" (Review)

Written on 08/23/2021
Natalee Gilbert

On July 30th, The Come Up "Experience" came in with a big bang. The building, adorned with B&W decor, was a creative sanctuary for both the press and musicians. In this space, good vibes permeated through each corner. DJ Boof was in charge of the spins and livened the scene with various hit singles. The Come Up Shows creator, Casey Delvalle, donned a captivating black tutu topped with a leather camisole top. As soon as someone stepped foot in the atmosphere, she made them feel right at home.


Moreover, it was her confidence in the artists' prowess that made viewing each performance worthwhile. Each person who stepped foot on stage did wonders! There was even a hip-hop cypher that reminded spectators of the genre's influence and its upbringing.   


The show is described as a live performance and media day for upcoming and established artists to develop content and get the proper exposure in a curated setting. Additionally, others got to flaunt off on the orange carpet and had some good eats by Chef Lioness

The guest speaker for the night was Audrey Jackson, Pop Smoke's mother. During her speech, she delivered words to live by and inspiration. If you'd like to donate to Shoot For The Stars Foundation, click here


All in all, upcoming stars, music professionals, fashion moguls, and established creatives kept the audience engaged. More than likely, they all left with more fans. 


Support was definitely at arm's length as every individual applauded artists and media for showcasing their talents to the world. 


"Brooklyn we did it!! We set the bar like none other," Casey Delvalle wrote below a small recap of the show. "I'm overwhelmed with the amazing words of encouragement. Not only to me but to each other. Support and overall immaculate energy." Following this, the producer gave a big thanks to her team. 

She also penned, "Let's keep lifting each other. We are a different breed. Artists, you guys shined like the stars you all are. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. We appreciate you." 


The Come Up Experience was indeed an experience. 


Overall, the infectious energy paired with superb talent and unity makes this show superior to other public performances. 


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