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Bam Vito's Rap Star Status Is Unattainable

Written on 08/20/2021
Natalee Gilbert

Bam Vito is, in every sense of the word, a rap star.


Flowing effortlessly over dynamic, 808-heavy hip-hop instrumentals, the Brooklyn-native comprises a distinctive sound unmatched by his competitors. Not to mention, he does justice when dropping witty punchlines. Another notable feature is Bam Vito's infectious energy, and merciless bars addressed to opps. However, this isn't the only thing Bam Vito raps about. 


Throughout his discography, you'll come to know that he's loyal to the soil, money-oriented, and on his P's and Q's. Also, the prolific spitter is transparent from time to time. On the whole, he's very much a go-getter. If money isn't calling, he respectfully pushes declines. 


Bam Vito was always accustomed to both the rockstar and hip-hop lifestyle. Music is truly his calling. Before going on stage, the musician takes charge. Not only does his unique gold tooth and edgy fashion style draw crowds in, but it's also his engagement. Right now, he's pushing his project Black Heart and Black Heart (Deluxe). As fate may have it, Bam Vito is inspired by rock and hip-hop. The "PLAY ME" lyricist resonates with every single record he's made. They all carry a different piece of himself. Stay tuned. Bam Vito has more music on the way. 


Listen to Bam Vito's discography below: