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Nac - 'The Midnight Album' (Review)

Written on 08/08/2021
Natalee Gilbert

Nac's album attests to the saying all that glitters is not gold. His 13-track LP, titled The Midnight Album, is sonically appealing. Comprising highly energetic flows and experimental hip-hop beats, Nac's album is a welcome sign of his authentic musical style. 


The themes found in The Midnight Album shed light on mental health and being careful of those you share your energy with. Moreover, Nac is open with fans and even passes along some gems. Elsewhere, the rapper thinks back to his progression as an artist. He may seem happy on the outside in certain moments, but inside he's a bit down. Two songs he resonates with are "Save My Soul" or "Rock Freestyle."


He adds, "The message behind The Midnight Album is you never know what is going on with someone in their head." 


While creating The Midnight Album, Nas was going through a tough time. 


"I got to a point where I didn't believe in myself, and I was going to make the project my last," he continues. "Because of the mentality then, I decided to truly open up. I did not want to hold back or not tell my story on my last project. I wanted to make sure The Midnight Album had meaning everywhere. Each song has a meaning; the tracklist has a meaning, the Spotify visuals have a meaning, the title has a meaning, and etc."


Because he wanted complete control over the project, he recorded and mixed all the songs. 


The New Jersey-based musician first got acquainted with music during the third grade. During that year, he was taking drum lessons. As he got older, he was moved by the power of lyricism and the art behind songwriting. 


He adds, "When I was in middle school, I would write little lines/bars in my phone, just messing around. But it wasn't until high school that I started crafting songs together. I first started with remixes, recording them on my iPhone through the Garageband app." 


He strives to help people feel and understand that they are not alone with their thoughts in his music. He's inspired by Kid CudiEminemA$AP RockyDonald Glover, and Bryan Charnely, to name a few.


One standout track on The Midnight Album is "BWC." His favorite ones to record are "Save My Soul," "I Am Error," "Another Me," and "Livin' Outta Body."

"BWC" is a energetic hip-hop meets jazz track. Once the beat drops, it spins back to an announcement made by New Jersey Hip-Hop.


Lyrically, we get a display of Nac's unwavering hustle mentality. In summary, he's a go-getter. Even though he's faced some hard times, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. To protect his energy, he makes sure to stay away from the leeches out there. 


He spits gems like "To make it in this world, you gotta live by your own code" and "Bad vibes are key to the truth."


Deeper into the song, a woman speaks about negative comments and cyberbullies, saying they can catch her outside. Also, Nac reflects on his accomplishments. The beat closes in a slow and reverbed fashion. 


Listen to The Midnight Album by Nac below: