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Ambush Effect & THORO's The Jump Start Open Mic (Review)

Written on 06/11/2021
Natalee Gilbert

In March, Ambush Effect and Thoro collaborated for The Jump Start Open Mic. Walking in, the room illuminated with neon lights. Subsequently, the energy that permeated the atmosphere was quite infectious. Everyone exchanged the good vibes with one another, cheering on those who took the stage. 


The host, Danireealso graciously welcomed each candidate on the floor. No artist was ridiculed. Instead, the acts for the night were encouraged to show off their skill. 


Rappurview even made an appearance and interviewed those who participated. Overall, Ambush Effect's events are truly loved by the masses. No matter who or where the show is, best believe there will always be an audience. 


During my time at The Jump Start Open Mic, I was able to speak with a few artists who performed that night. I also had the privilege of getting acquainted with one who didn't but is looking to delve back into the music scene. 

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