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ORG Prophecy - 'Can't Sleep Sober'

Written on 03/25/2021
Natalee Gilbert

ORG Prophecy recently dropped his first-ever project titled Can't Sleep Sober. He describes it as an "examination of existentialism during an eye-awakening night." The project follows the release of his song "Y.K.T.V" last year, which garnered nearly 15,000 streams on Spotify. 



Can't Sleep Sober starts with a soundbite of an interview. They briefly talk about breaking out of the ordinary 9 to 5, finding yourself, and putting the work in towards your ideal profession. Afterward, the 6-track effort explores other subjects, which are spoken about in ORG Prophecy's perspective. His wordplay mirrors the experiences he's had thus far in life. Regardless of what gets in the way, ORG Prophecy keeps his foot on the gas. The project features BymaddzChina MarieZachary Durham, and ORG Solpreme. Sonically, Can't Sleep Sober dabbles in lo-fi, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B, to name a few. 



One song off the project that's getting serious airplay is "HaHa (feat. Zachary Durham." The lyrics find ORG Prophecy listing the reasons why he's the perfect guy to date. In turn, he hopes that his crush will give him a chance. Instead of dealing with a zero, ORG Prophecy suggests she deals with a hero, which is him.



ORG Prophecy raps, "I'm tryna liberate who you are/He just tryna play you like a guitar."



As the song continues, he describes a night of passion with his soon-to-be wife. Then, ORG Prophecy works on putting her doubts to rest. Zack Durham uses his sultry vocality to explain how he intends to do right by the girl he fancies. 

The music video finds the two cozying up with their potential girlfriends in red and yellow-lit rooms. 




ORG Prophecy was born and raised in Brooklyn. He currently resides in Long Island and is studying coding and working on more music for the near future. Not only is he a future coder, but he's also a songwriter, lyricist, producer, and audio engineer, whose sound can be described as paint dripping on a rotating canvas.



Listen to Can't Sleep Sober by ORG Prophecy below: