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Kid Pro & Yosonova - 'KidNova'

Written on 01/26/2021
Irate Specialist

Everyone has a favorite, and for a good reason, they have powers that allow them to do things that we can't do and are strong and willing to fight for what they believe in until the end. 


This is the power that these heroes hold individually, but it takes their power to a whole other level when they team up. Sonically that's what Kid Pro did by asking Yosonova to produce his most recent project KidNova. Kid Pro's super lyrical punches and Yosonova's super melody chop unite to save the game from all the lames on this album. Moreover, this epic team gives listeners a true reflection on what it's like to struggle with your own power. 


"We knew we were gonna go with that duality theme of a hero that gets too full of himself," said Pro. "Then eventually, something happens and humbles him, and he starts realizing the important things in life not to take things so personal and better himself." 


This project is more than an album; it's more like a sonic cinematic experience. Both Pro and Yoso are contemporaries of the late great MF DOOM, Wu-Tang, and other old school storytelling artists. This gives every KidNova a nostalgic vibe you didn't know you needed mixed with some fresh new school flavor. 


KidNova starts off with a bang with the track "11AM In Parsippany." 


Pro takes no time and attacks the track with the confidence of a hero in his prime, taking on a low-level villain. Still, the next track "Set in Stone," is where Pro gets in his bag and airs out his haters. 


"That was me angry, but that's where I shine," said Pro. "That was where I really got the aggression out, and the different flows and pockets really came out. When I

really got into my "feelings" and let shit out it was good." 


The flows and bars on this track resemble those classic superhero scenes where the hero is surrounded and, as a result, starts kicking ass.


"Compound V," named after the elixir that gives people superpowers in the show The Boys, follows "Set in Stone" and Pro teams up with his Jersey superhero group The Horsemen, Ace Felli, GuessMuzik, Ron Solemn, and Yoso's production. Together they join forces to give us a taste of Compound V's effects. 


"That's the big showdown I'm bringing the Justice League together, in this case, it's The Horsemen," said Pro. "We're in a room full of henchmen, goons,

and supervillains, and we're stopping everybody. We're all talking our shit with our words." 


The energy that all these artists bring to this track is truly as unique a frequency it's on the same level as when the Avengers assemble.


The following songs, "Floor 82" and "Black Noir" feel like they belong on the Shaft soundtrack with the amount of swagger and class you feel as you listen to them.


The B side of this album introduces us to the more reflective side of our hero as he begins to grow aware of the fact that he may be letting his emotions and ego get the best of him. On "Thursday Rain," Pro tells the story of the toxic relationships we love to hate. With Yoso's smooth and jazzy instrumental as the backdrop, you can feel the pain that comes with "Thursday Rain" and emotions that confuse us. 


"I wanted to make a classic toxic song. Then I knew I wanted to have what Sade did at the end. Like come on, a voice saying really get over yourself, you're supposed to be that tough superhero. Fun fact: The title of this track actually comes from Pro's observation that, at least where he's from, Mother Nature likes to enjoy her thirsty Thursdays with some rainwater. 


For more behind the scenes information on the project check out the full interview on the Music & Mindfulness Podcast, link is here.



The last song I'll mention from this rich project is "Powers That Be." In this song, we see our hero finally coming to terms with his own ego-tripping tendencies. 


"This point I'm fully realizing that I've been tripping, and I've gotta calm down and get back to earth," said Pro,


"Everything that I've gone through, those dark thoughts that were creeping in my head when I was at my lowest. The hero is in that situation where you don't know where he's gonna go." 


Listen to the project below: