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Dom & Jesse "Won't Waste My Time"

Written on 12/12/2020
Natalee Gilbert

Following the release of their hit, "Can't Help Myself," the eccentric Philly-based pop duo known as Dom & Jesse is back with their feel-good acoustic-led ballad, "Won't Waste My Time." Likewise, the song delves into a sound reminiscent of the early 2000s & even carries a cadence that's akin to Britney Spears' in her number one hit, "...Baby One More Time" (hint: the chorus.) The song is produced by C.R.E.W.'s own Dan "Dilemma" Thomas & Danyel "Digidal" Little. 


Using a soft, passionate register, Dom & Jesse deliver rhymes about a "star that stole the scene." They assure their love interests that their eyes are only set on them & no one else, saying, "Now you get all of me/Baby you got what I need." For the rest of "Can't Help Myself," Dom & Jesse further explain why their love is here to stay, expressing that their hearts are no longer vacant since crossing paths with the apple of their eye. 



Needless to say, if she ever doubted their loyalty before, she won't any further after getting an earful of this tune. 


Make sure to listen to "Won't Waste My Time" by Dom & Jesse below: