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Lucky Iris - 'Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home'

Written on 11/23/2020
Natalee Gilbert

Lucky Iris, comprised of Maeve Florsheim and Jasper Exley, provides an open space for listeners to freely express their inner thoughts in Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home, an electrifying project the band debuted a few months back. 


Bridging raw emotion with a crystalline range and warm, distinctive pop arrangements, Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home perfectly illustrates how a turn of events can affect a night out in the town. As the title entails, sometimes, life throws so many things our way that we can't help to think, "maybe I should have stayed home." Still, rather than looking at these situations negatively, the duo makes light of it, using the power of their words to show listeners that we all share a common ground. 


Maeve Florsheim carries a voice that channels various emotions that we, too, feel. Similarly, Jasper Exley compliments Maeve's range with a refreshing, versatile approach to passionate piano chords, funky electro-synths, and other pop elements. 



More recently, Jasper curated his first-ever remix, putting his spin on the first track from their EP, "Get Ready With Me."


The lyrics tell a story of a "pretty shy girl" who is trying to find their place in the world. Furthermore, Maeve questions if the constant demands that life presents us will die down. "But do you really move past it? Or do you just suppress it inside?" she sings. Elsewhere, the singer explores the stigma around being "too outspoken." Sonically, "Get Ready With Me" is a combination of house and EDM. 


"Take 5 (Why Can't You See Me?)", another track off of Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home, finds Maeve laying all her cards on the table about how she truly feels when in the presence of someone. "I'm right in front of you, I could be screaming & you would look right through," she expresses. As the song continues, Maeve unveils what's been weighing heavy on her mind. Elsewhere, she sarcastically compliments a jazz playlist that took him hours to make. She retorts, "Can you even clap along in time? I mean, come on, mate." Jasper pairs elements that give the song a jazzy feel. There are also warm patterns of piano and electro synths scattered over the dream-pop soundscape. 


Make sure to listen to Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home by Lucky Iris below: