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Jessica Mary - "I Been"

Written on 11/14/2020
Irate Specialist

We can all relate to the beauty and struggles that come with growth, especially after living through the life lesson that has been 2020. Jessica Mary masterfully tackles these polarities in her debut single "I Been."

 I've been catching myself listening to it on repeat at times, and after hearing it yourself, you'll most likely do the same. Though it may be her first release, the song is masterfully composed and expresses these concepts concisely. 


The first verse describes the beauty of her growth. She sings about her changing view on relationships and the hundreds she acquired from late-night grinding. However, the second verse goes into more of the struggles that she's been through. Coping with a broken heart by using alcohol in an attempt to forget the past. Yet it ends with a vow to her mother that she'll stay resilient and never quit. The hook ties the song together beautifully as she sings, "I've been on tryna make my money long/I've been tryna feel something." 


Mary's amazing voice gently carries you through this song combining with the lyrics' depth to bring the word vibe to life as a song. One thing is for sure! If this is Mary's intro to the music scene, I am definitely looking forward to what comes next.