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Break A Leg Ent's Constructive Criticism (Review)

Written on 11/04/2020
Natalee Gilbert

Around two months ago, our writer, Irate Specialist, went on Break A Leg Ent's podcast as a guest judge via Zoom for their segment: Constructive Criticism.


Clocking in at nearly three hours, Break A Leg Ent's twenty-second episode began with a song from Irate Specialist titled "The One." As the song closed, the hosts admit that it's their first time hearing Irate's music, and needless to say, they were impressed. Afterward, one of the hosts asked Irate about one of the references made in the track, to which he responds, "It's this wine cooler thing." Amidst the three sharing laughs and making lighthearted jokes, one of the hosts shows love to those tuning in. 


Subsequently, he explains what the segment pertains to and how to rate the artists who are making an appearance. "Get your chicken legs ready, get your robot legs ready, human legs ready. Post them leg emojis to rate and get your audio accessories on deck because we'll be playing some dope, independent music." The rating system is determined by what's mentioned above. 


Following this, he shouts out the artists participating, and the show duo gives their opinion on Irate's record. Then, one unveils what he saw during the 9/11 attack when the show aired this year. 


The artists they had on their airwaves were L. A No ComparisonMerk Uno, PRIME Artist, RansomImperitiv, eSun, Smokey from Sewer Line Ent, and Haze Da Kidd. As a whole, these artists' music was reminiscent of timeless records from hip-hop's golden era. At some points, the musical styling was akin to EminemNas, and the WuTang Clan


In summary, this episode was full of playful banter, good energy, refreshing music, and engaging conversation. Furthermore, Break A Leg Ent showed love not only to the audience but to Irate, The Fresh Finds, their supporters, and of course, the artists who attended. The show ultimately shows that genuineness goes a long way in the music business, and it's imperative to pass kindness forward. 


Break A Leg Ent gives creatives, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their talents freely. If you're looking for honest feedback, this is the company to tune into.


Break A Leg Ent's segment, Constructive Criticism airs every Friday at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. 


Watch the episode here.