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GuessMuzik: The Purge

Written on 08/15/2020
Irate Specialist

Due to the large amount of time that we’ve spent inside during quarantine many people have been coming face to face with the clutter in their environments. This includes both our inner and outer environments and these realizations have led to us purging things that no longer serve us. Many artists are going through the same thing and purging their vaults of music that they’ve had stored for a while. This is essentially how GuessMuzik’s new EP, The Purge came about. It almost makes you thankful for quarantine because without it who knows when these dope tracks would’ve come out.

In every track on the EP, Guess demonstrates his power to capture a particular mood in the music. This leads to the songs on the EP really becoming a musical snapshot of how Guess is feeling in the moment. “When you hear it the objective is to make you feel those same types of emotions that [I had at the moment],” said Guess. “That’s the type of music I enjoy making. It’s passionate, it’s from the heart. For me, there’s nothing better than that.” This passion is seen throughout his discography as every project is meant to provide another piece to a bigger overall story he is telling. So after releasing his album Forever Evol in February, (also well worth a listen or more) The Purge was released and became a bridge between Forever Evol and what’s coming next.

The passion that Guess draws from to create his music is felt right from The Purge’s first track “Purge.” Besides the fact that this instrumental is produced by the legendary Royce Da 5’9, Guess takes the time on this track to really focus on bars. “I literally got the beat and was like I know I have to do something with this,” said Guess. “It was really just venting my frustrations on things that bother me.” Specifically, things and people who don’t show respect to those on the grind in this music scene. He starts the track off calling out artists like Yelawolf making it harder for white rappers in hip hop. Then uses the rest of the track to give us bars that are more creative than most artists in the mainstream right now.

The next track “Good Enough” is really a message to the woman who will be his future wifey. “It’s not written about anybody I’ve ever met,” said Guess. “It’s just my idea of what the perfect relationship would be.” Everyone has this image in mind and Guess uses this track, produced by 8 Bars and several other talented producers, to illustrate what he’s looking for and explain that he knows that he has growing to do as well. The hook I want to be something so much better than good enough/ I tryna be a better man someone who can love… really embodies the knowledge of one of the most important things in a successful relationship. Relationships can only work if the people in them work on themselves and work together.

Finally the last track on this project “This Is The Way” is not only one of the best examples of Guess capturing a specific moment on the project, but also is the track that really serves as the bridge between this project and the next. “The whole concept of the song is me waiting that 11 to 12 o’clock hour in my living room waiting for my album to drop,” said Guess. “I had nerves and wasn’t sure if people were gonna dig [Forever Evol].” This was in part due to the way Guess’ previous project was received as well as the hope that his intentions for Forever Evol won’t be misconstrued. After writing almost 120 bars on this one track he decided to cut it down to possibly release it at another time. Still listening this track is like being transported right into that room and feeling Guess’ tension and anticipation.

There’s so much more to this project and if you are interested in learning more check out the Music & Mindfulness podcast episode link in @irate_specialist ‘s bio. Overall Guess’ EP, The Purge really showcases not only his versatility but also his passion for music. There’s a clear difference in artists who put their all into music and those who don’t.

Even though this may have been just a purge for Guess he demonstrates that the passion he has for the craft will never be purged from his spirit. Please go stream The Purge on all platforms and check out Forever Evol too while you’re at it.

Listen to The Purge by GuessMuzik below: