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Izzy Bee

Written on 07/28/2020
Irate Specialist

As we near the end summer of 2020, we know two things for sure. 1. We still have a long year ahead of us, and 2. Some of the most excellent music of the decade will be made this year. 

So many artists have had time to experiment, fine-tune, and expand their sound. These actions are especially true of the artists in New Jersey. Though Jersey continues to be slept on in the rap community, there are artists like Izzy Bee who’re still out here making noise forcing people to keep an ear out for Jersey. “I just wanna be able to give back to the community that didn’t give anything to me,” said Bee.

Growing up in Jersey City, Bee admits to not always walking the right path but still is appreciative of how he’s grown due to his experiences. “[I] faced a bunch of challenges and overcame them all,” said Bee. “Growing up, I lacked guidance, so I stumbled into some trouble, but as I said, I triumphed, and I found a way." 

Inspired by artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Future, his way, became expressing the thoughts and feelings he held inside through his music. So his new project Izzup being released the end of the month is clearly Bee tapped into his aggression to bring us some end of summer bangers.

The first single from Bee’s upcoming project has already been released, and it goes by the name of "Twenty2.” The track essentially captures the Bee showing haters that he’s not on to be messed with because, like a safe sex advocate, he’s strapped up. “[The song is] talking about taking that gun everywhere.” The banging bass and catchiness of the hook make it easy to have this song stuck in your head. The track also does a great job of illustrating to listeners Bee’s confidence, which even starts to rub off on you. If you’re looking for a song to turn up to during your post quarantine functions with the crew, this song surely should be on your playlist.

One of the other tracks which will be on the upcoming project is titled “Smoker.” This song is another one where Bee highlights times in his life where he wasn’t involved in the most positive past times. “It’s talking about a point in my life where I was just trapping,” Bee continues. “I used to hide the packs in my room and my mom used to be like ‘What’s that smell?’”

Overall, “Smoker” is a track that many stoners can relate to, especially the inquisitions into the odor in your room. Still, this song is not the typical laid backtrack that you sit with the crew vibe out and smoke to. The upbeat tempo mixed withnBee’s vocals and dope bars (no pun intended) make it a track to get lit to while curving the haters, and reminiscing on the good times cheifin’ with the crew.

These tracks, along with others from the project such as “EBK,” another super hard track, are filled with confidence and bravado you can feel.  

Pure raw energy and confidence are sure to be heard throughout this project, making it the perfect remedy to your quarantine blues.

If you want to learn more about the tracks on the project, including “EBK” check out the Music and Mindfulness Podcast on Spotify. The link is in @irate_specialist’s bio. But get ready for another fantastic Jersey artist’s incredible work. Izzup will be everywhere this Friday, 7/31. In the meantime, check out Twenty2, which is currently on all platforms. And get hyped for the rest of this project because I know I am.

Listen to Izzy Bee below: