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“Avenue” - Akil B. Strange

Written on 07/25/2020
Natalee Gilbert

Today on The Fresh Finds, we’ll be giving the spotlight to an artist who proficiently merges different genres in hopes of showing audiences worldwide that music can go in any direction: Akil B. Strange.


His newest single, “Avenue,” is a bright song that pushes others to take control of their destiny. The question at hand is, “what avenue are you taking?” For the majority of “Avenue,” listeners will hear electro synths and a strobe light sound recording paired with other lively arrangements. They’ll also come to know that the new jam is a house offering and is akin to a 2000’s Timberland-sque beat.



Vocally, Akil B. Strange is minimal but still drops a few gems when words escape his lips. One notable piece is his play on a scene from Captain Phillips when actor, Barkhad Adbi says to Tom Hanks, “Look at me. I’m the captain now.”


Listen to “Avenue” by Akil B. Strange below: