Nac - 'The Midnight Album' (Review)

Nac's album attests to the saying all that glitters is not gold. His 13-track LP, titled The Midnight Album, is sonically appealing. Comprising highly energetic flows and experimental hip-hop beats, Nac's album is a welcome sign of his authentic musical style.

N Natalee Gilbert

Ambush Effect & THORO's The Jump Start Open Mic (Review)

This is a review for Ambush Effect & THORO's open mic in March 2021. In March, Ambush Effect and Thoro collaborated for The Jump Start Open Mic. Walking in, the room illuminated with neon lights. Subsequently, the energy that permeated the atmosphere was quite infectious. Everyone exchanged the good vibes with one another, cheering on those who took the stage.

N Natalee Gilbert

"Victory (feat. G Money & 9 Mill Dillz" - Young Bail (Review)

Taking the aggressive beat head-on, Young Bail alludes to being "big bands bail" in his newest hit record, "Victory." Enlisting equally talented lyricists like G Money & 9 Mill Dillz, the rapper challenges his opps to a triumph face off.

N Natalee Gilbert

Mashich - "The Plug"

Mashich shows devotion towards a lady who's captivated his heart in "The Plug." Backed by a nostalgic R&B beat, the crooner taps into a euphonic register to express how much this special someone means to him.

N Natalee Gilbert

JZ: The Producer Who's Adding A Twist To Todays Music

JZ's sonic staple comprises polished ostinatos, smooth transitions, and live instrumentation. His authentic approach to production leaves music enthusiasts hanging onto every pattern. Ensuring that every beat carries a different vibe, the prolific producer values both the new and refined wave of underground music. And so, his sound palette always keeps a listener on their toes. Should one be in a sour mood, JZ's beats are a great pick-me-up as it induces a lively aura. When tuning into JZ's beats, expect to be blown away by the migration of stringed and percussion instruments. He also makes sure to keep things light through the beat's tonality.

N Natalee Gilbert

Meet Major: The Plug That Helps Musicians Rise To The Top!

Major has the hip-hop industry on lock. His influential mark on a musician's artistic development prompts success to come in at full speed. Moreso, the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur pushes the envelope so lyrically equipped MCs can gain the credibility they deserve. Unlike record labels, who sometimes look at their artists as meal tickets, Major immerses himself into their creative vision. Having someone in their corner only amplifies their trust in him.

N Natalee Gilbert

In Phases - "Violem"

In Phases' "Violem" shakes listeners with a sonic blend of electro, rap, rock, cinematic arrangements, and gripping drum rudiments. Both the lyrics and musical assemble do justice in foreshadowing society's fate. A lack of individual expression has caused individuals to turn their noses up at authenticity and compassion. For that reason, the world will go in flames. Malleable values and egoism have pinned us against one another. They even bring this up through the following excerpt,

N Natalee Gilbert

Meet Tony Rocks Estrada:

Tony Rocks Estrada has an infinite love for everything connected to PR. His passion for image shaping has given him numerous opportunities, including forming his own business T Rocks Entertainment. In addition, Tony's tunnel vision practices in the PR world have reckoned him as the most recognized Latino publicist in the world of entertainment in Los Angeles.

N Natalee Gilbert

Meet Marvi G:

Pushing the envelope for several promising musicians, Marvi G delivers results that guarantee them a time-honored career. Marvi's sentiment for their artistic vision runs so deep that she's created an open space where they can freely express themselves. This said space also allows artists to flourish into their many talents.

N Natalee Gilbert

Mikki Ma'at Supports Our Wounded Society With Her Zen Musical Styling

Mikki Ma'at perfectly architects a peaceful environment through her ethereal-esque vocals. However, it's tough to pinpoint Ma'at's sound as it comprises elements from all genres. Listening to Ma'at will take you away. Her lyrics are raw, vivid, and packed with positivity. Overall, the singer's primary goal is to uplift humanity to a higher plane of existence through frequencies of love. She diminishes past worries with healing components in her musical styling.

N Natalee Gilbert

Chay-Chay "2021"

Chay-Chay taps into a soft register when speaking about blocking out hate thrown her way. At the beginning of “2021,” she talks about always keeping it 100. Then, she opens up about those who didn’t believe in her musical journey. Despite the naysayer’s opinions, she brushed it off and kept going.

N Natalee Gilbert


Qui the Last Word fosters both personal and artistic growth in his music. At the core of his lyricism, he speaks about his unwavering work ethic, all while pushing others to elevate. Moreover, Qui the Last Word speaks on his progression and upbringing. Like one of his songs suggests, he’s on the go. Qui the Last Word is not stopping for anything or anyone. His primary focus is on getting a bag.

n natalee gilbert

Ladibree Effortlessly Glides On Any Beat At Her Disposal

Ladibree possesses a soulful aura both on and offstage. Her musical styling takes admiration from soul, R&B, and hip-hop. Moreover, the femcee showcases a strong suit of versatility as she dabbles in singing and rapping. From a lyrical POV, she drops influential messages, acknowledges her blessings, and encourages others to pursue their goals/dreams. Not to mention, her hustle is apparent in each track.

N Natalee Gilbert

The Come Up "Experience" (Review)

On July 30th, The Come Up "Experience" came in with a big bang. The building, adorned with B&W decor, was a creative sanctuary for both the press and musicians. In this space, good vibes permeated through each corner. DJ Boof was in charge of the spins and livened the scene with various hit singles. The Come Up Shows creator, Casey Delvalle, donned a captivating black tutu topped with a leather camisole top. As soon as someone stepped foot in the atmosphere, she made them feel right at home.

N Natalee Gilbert

Maxim Adams' 'Amora' (Review)

California-based producer/musician Maxim Adams has officially dropped his highly-anticipated EP, Amora. The 3-track project is an excellent blend of atmospheric elements that are rooted in House. Likewise, the transitions seemingly go well with the song's overall theme. Overall, each record takes one to another realm, inviting listeners alike to explore the unknown.

N Natalee Gilbert

ORG Prophecy - 'Can't Sleep Sober'

ORG Prophecy recently dropped his first-ever project titled Can't Sleep Sober. He describes it as an "examination of existentialism during an eye-awakening night." The project follows the release of his song "Y.K.T.V" last year, which garnered nearly 15,000 streams on Spotify.

N Natalee Gilbert

Kid Pro & Yosonova - 'KidNova'

Everyone has a favorite, and for a good reason, they have powers that allow them to do things that we can't do and are strong and willing to fight for what they believe in until the end.

I Irate Specialist

Dom & Jesse "Won't Waste My Time"

Following the release of their hit, "Can't Help Myself," the eccentric Philly-based pop duo known as Dom & Jesse is back with their feel-good acoustic-led ballad, "Won't Waste My Time." Likewise, the song delves into a sound reminiscent of the early 2000s & even carries a cadence that's akin to Britney Spears' in her number one hit, "...Baby One More Time" (hint: the chorus.) The song is produced by C.R.E.W.'s own Dan "Dilemma" Thomas & Danyel "Digidal" Little.

N Natalee Gilbert


Carrying an intricate wordplay that's reminiscent of rap greats like Fabolous and Jay-Z, Brooklyn-based emcee, ARTZ, hones into his music in means of assuring fans that he's just like them. Between the lines of his rhymes, ARTZ speaks on everyday occurrences, the power behind authenticity, and his upbringing. Leaning in closer, you'll also learn that the musician is forever humbled and grateful to be where he is today. His lyrical deliveries only go to prove that he's wise beyond his years as he crossovers between insanely clever punchlines, sharp entendres, and a laid-back approach.

N Natalee Gilbert

Lucky Iris - 'Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home'

Lucky Iris, comprised of Maeve Florsheim and Jasper Exley, provides an open space for listeners to freely express their inner thoughts in Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home, an electrifying project the band debuted a few months back.

N Natalee Gilbert